A Sheep Speaks

Denise Jeter

Denise was born in August of 1954 in Pasadena, Texas and is the mother of one child and stepmother of three.  Denise is also the author of "Apples of Gold, a devotional in rhyme" and Shane and Denise have just completed their second CD project "Simpler Times".  Denise also speaks at various ladies meetings and conferences.  Denise was led of the Lord to begin singing in church in 1991 and continues ministering in song.  Denise and Shane began singing together shortly after they married in 1994.

Shane Jeter

Shane was born in August of 1953 in Pasadena, Texas. He is the father of three children and stepfather of one. Shane was called to preach in 1984, being led by the Holy Spirit into his truth. Shane began preaching in 2001.  His desire is to preach the truths of the Bible wherever the Lord may lead.  Shane and Denise are available for Revivals, Singings orLadies and Mens meetings, all on a love offering basis, check out our contact page for more information!