Denise's testimony....Early years

I started out as a latch key kid before that was a common occurrence, having been raised in the 60's and 70's when the drug culture was in it's hay day.  Myself and some of my friends would save our lunch money as early as sixth grade to buy drugs on the weekend.  Little did I know that the God of heaven and earth was watching my every move and had quite a plan in store for me in the not so distant future.  I spent closed to 10 years in this subculture of drugs, etc. which led to many unfortunate things not the least of which was a strong spirit of read how the Lord intervened and delivered,


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Denise's testimony...Later years

The Lord of course knowing in his infinite grace and wisdom that, most times it takes trials and tribulations to draw us nigh unto him and to keep us nigh unto him, in his great mercy for me allowed a storm to come into my life which would change my life forever.  We fast forward and pick up here about six years later, I was now married and had my first and only child at the age of thirty-one, (my son Cody), It was a couple of years after that when the marriage began to fall apart.  What happened next sounds like it came out of a movie script, but believe me, I lived through every minute of it in REAL life, and am here to say not even a spot on Crime Stoppers, Felony charges (falsely placed), and a $100,000.00 bond could thwart the wonderful plan of an all knowing, almighty God.

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A Sheep Speaks

​Denise was arrested and charged with basically kidnapping her own son, placed under a $100,000 dollar bond, and featured on crime stoppers as armed and dangerous, but by the grace of God, the truth prevailed, that she was totally  innocent, and the God she served delivered her!! 

The rest of the story:

Well although the story is not over yet, I thought after all the above drama I should let you know there is always a sliver lining when the Lord is calling the shots, so to speak, and this story is no different.  The Lord allowed me to meet and marry my husband who preaches the word of God, he has opened doors for us to minister together in song, and the Lord has so graciously allowed me write a devotional in Rhyme...

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